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Distal products S.L. It is a young company born with the enthusiasm and experience of our fathers, manufacturers since 1961.


Distal products S.L. It offers a wide range of products, cleaning solutions and procedures that will help you optimize the cleaning process contributing to the overall process efficiency and providing cost advantages.


Our constant search for the latest press flavoring make Distal Products, a pioneer and prestigious in the field of cleaning products. A line completely dedicated to the world of cleaning, formulated from natural materials for a triple action: Clean, flavor and sanitize the environment.


All our products are manufactured under the strictest quality control at all stages of production, from manufacturing to shipping, backed by the company implementation of quality certification and environment under the ISO 9001 and 22716 international quality standards.


Our success is due to our facility to adapt to the customer, we can manufacture any cleaning product, choosing the packaging you want ... whenever it deems appropriate, may be assisted by our Research and Development Department.


In Distal Products We are a big family and receive a friendly and close relationship.